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          60th Anniversary of the Korean War Armistice

Certificate of Recognition

A new certificate of recognition has been created to honour Veterans of the Korean War on behalf of a grateful nation.

2013 was announced the Year of the Korean War Veteran as it marks the 60th anniversary of the Korean War Armistice. This declaration further supports efforts to recognize Korean War Veterans.

Canada’s military members have always distinguished themselves. They deserve their place among the world’s best and the men and women who served during the Korean War-or in the years afterward, keeping the peace between the two Koreas-did so with courage and conviction.

The Government of Canada is proud of what these remarkable Canadians accomplished. The Certificate of Recognition is a lasting reminder of the important contributions Canadian Veterans of the Korean War made to the peace and security we all enjoy today.

Canada must never forget that more than 26,000 Canadians traveled halfway around the world to stand up for their rights. Nor should we forget the 516 Canadians who paid the price for freedom with their lives.

Canadian Veterans of the Korean War can now apply for a special certificate of recognition. Please contact the Department at 1-866-522-2122 or apply online.

Appointment of New Veteran’s Senator


From left to right: MNOVC Chair Guy Mandeville CD: Senator Dr. Alis Kennedy CD OMC: President Joseph Paquette: Treasurer Chris Plummer CD. MNOVC Sgt-At-Arms Greg Garratt taking photo



The MNOVC Executives have appointed their new Veteran’s Senator, Dr. Alis Kennedy CD, OMC, PhD to the position of Veteran’s Senator. Veteran/Senator Kennedy brings much experience to the MNOVC Council. She has served as MNO Senator for the Credit River Métis Council and the Toronto and York Region Métis Council for several years. Being very active in her home community of Toronto GTA, she also sits on several local, provincial and national committees and is a member of a local branch of the Royal Canadian Legion.

The swearing in Ceremony took place at the MNOVC meeting held in Ajax on June 30, 2013.


We welcome Senator Veteran Dr. Alis Kennedy CD, OMC to her new position with the Métis Nation of Ontario Veterans Council.


Being a verified Métis under the MNO definition and having been verified as a Veteran by the Métis Nation of Ontario Veterans Council (MNOVC) per the Veterans Charter Agreement, subscribes to the bylaws, policies and regulations established by the Métis Nation of Ontario Veterans Council Community Code and through the established Veterans Charter from the Métis Nation of Ontario shall work towards the betterment of the MNOVC Council and its Veteranship , the soul representative council of the MNO Veterans in the Province of Ontario.




           The MNO Veterans’ Council raises its profile



                                                                 Oshawa Métis Heritage Celebration





From Left to right: Chair: Guy Mandeville CD, President: Joseph Paquette,

 Treasurer: Chris Plummer CD, and Dr. Alis Kennedy CD, OMC


The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Veterans’ Council is putting increased emphasis on communicating its message about the importance of veterans within the Métis Nation. In keeping with that emphasis, the MNO Veterans’ Council was well represented at the Oshawa Métis Heritage Celebration held in June 22-23, 2013. For the first time, the MNO Veterans’ Council had an information booth and promoted the MNO Veterans’ Book project.

The information booth helped raise awareness of the MNO veterans. Registration forms, Veterans’ Book project interview packages and various veterans’ resources were on hand. The 1,500 plus who attended the event were very interested in the MNO Veterans’ Council program.Pins donated by Veterans Affairs were handed out to all who visited. The veterans were asked to be part of the grand entry and post the flags of the day. At the end of the day, they again responded by properly retiring the flags. Although it rained for half the day, it did not deter the veterans from their duty.

The MNO Veterans' Council offers a big thank you to all the veterans who participated.



Lest We Forget



    MNO acknowledges Métis Veteran at    Toronto and York Region Council AGM

Submitted by: MNO Veteran, Senator Dr. Alis Kennedy C.D., O.M.C.

 (Left to right) MNO Veteran Harvey Horlock, C.D.; MNO President Gary Lipinski; and MNO Veteran,

Senator Dr. Alis Kennedy, CD, OMC, at the MNO Toronto and York Region Métis Council AGM.

Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Toronto-York Region Métis Council hosted their Annual General Meeting (AGM) on June 9 at the local Royal Canadian Legion. President Gary Lipinski was in attendance and presented the MNO Louis Riel Commemorative Medal and the MNO Louis Riel Certificate to MNO Veteran Harvey Horlock, C.D..

Veteran Horlock has been heavily involved with the MNO for many years. He is a past president and a past Senator of the MNO Toronto-York Region Métis Council and past president of the MNO Veterans’ Council. He also assisted in the creation of the MNO Oshawa Durham Métis Council and the MNO Credit River Métis Council.

For the past several years, Veteran Horlock has represented the Métis Veterans at the Oshwegan National Memoriam Day and for the past two years he has been invited by the Premier’s Office to represent the MNO at the Remembrance Day ceremony in Queen’s Park.

Veteran Horlock is also past representative for Ontario to the National Veterans Council and past member of the National Aboriginal Veteran Association (NAVA).

Currently, Veteran Horlock is the president of the Toronto Scottish Regiment, a member of the Royal Canadian Legion Todmorden Branch number 10 and a member of their colour party, being so; he has participated in the Louis Riel Day colour party at Queen’s Park.



Exciting Opportunity for Veterans

Opportunity for Veterans to be with other Veterans in a outdoor setting. 

See following link

  MNO Louis Riel certificate presented to Métis veteran

Submitted by: Greg Garrat, MNO Veterans Council Sergeant-at-Arms

(Left to right) MNO Moon River Métis Council President Lisa McCron, MNO President Gary
Lipinski, Emily Arnold and MNO Veterans Council Sergeant-at-Arms Greg Garratt.

The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Veterans Council presents Louis Riel certificates to MNO citizens who provide the Council with documentation verifying their military service.  Recently the MNO Veterans Council received the documentation from MNO citizen and Veteran Peter Grisdale.

Although Veteran Grisdale was not able to attend a presentation of the certificate personally, at the MNO Moon River Métis Council Annual General Meeting in MacTier on April 23, his sister Emily Arnold, was able to accept the certificate on his behalf.

The certificate was presented by MNO President Gary Lipinski, MNO Moon River Métis Council President Lisa McCron and MNO Veterans Council Sergeant-at-Arms Greg Garratt.


    Windsor MNO Veteran Shelly Claus carries Eagle Staff


MNO Veteran Shelly Claus CD, carried the Eagle Staff during the 2012 Remembrence Day parade in Windsor. Quite the Honour. Shown above are her two sisters. From left ti right: Donna O'Neil, Veteran Shelly Claus and Veteran Sharlene Lance.

    MNO Veteran Peter Gendron receives the Louis Riel Certificate from the Great Lakes Metis Council President.

 The Great Lakes Metis Council President Peter Coture presented the Louis Riel Certificate to Veteran Peter Gendrn at their latest AGA IN Owen Sound.

 go to link for complete article

             MNO Veteran, Senator George Kelly Passes



We mourn the loss of our Veteran, Senator George Kelly.

While vacationing in Florida with his wife Carmen, MNOVC Senator, Veteran George Kelly passed away on Friday, March 1st 2013.


George joined the Royal Canadian Navy at the age of 17 and served from 1952 until honourably discharged in 1957.  During his five year career, he served on the High Seas with NATO COMMAND. During the Korean Conflict, he served on board, the H.M.C.S. SIOUX, the H.M.C.S. ATHABASKAN and the H.M.C.S. ALGONQUIN.

George was well known for wearing his “original issue” Naval “flat top hat”. He was so proud of his “white pancake”.

George joined the MNOVC executive as the Senator for the MNO Veterans in June 2012. He was always in the background, advocating for the Veterans. Since joining the MNOVC executives, George offered support to the Veterans Council and established an “open door policy” between the MNO Youths and the Veterans.



  At last year’s AGA, 2012, George was awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal. It was presented by MNO President Gary Lipinski.



 Also at last years AGA, George received the Louis Riel certificate from MNO President Gary Lipinski. 








 December 11th, 2011, George was honoured by receiving a plaque by the Metis National Council (MNC) in Ottawa.


Back in June 2011, George was one of the Veterans from Ontario that attended the Back to Batoche Days in Saskatchewan. Along with other Veterans, George was acknowledged by receiving another plaque.



  George gave much of his time to volunteering with a myriad of organizations.  Employed: City of Ottawa, with thirty-three (33) years service
 Ottawa Police Department   (Special Constable|) 1960 - 1971.
City of Ottawa Councilor   1985 - 1991. 
Volunteer: President/ Executive Member, Coach, Ottawa Youth Minor Sports - 1962 and still involved.
Volunteered: Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario
Volunteered: Santa Claus, at Community events for 20 years. 
Director, of the Central Canada Exhibition Board 
Children's Wish Foundation - for Children with Special needs, to achieve their Wishes..... 
Played Benefit Hockey with Ottawa Police1970 – 1980, for children with special needs. 
Received in 1988, from East Ottawa Optimist Club,
Humanitarian Award For Dedicated Unselfish Service.
(This is the Highest Award presented to a community volunteer, by a service club). 
Attended in 1994 - MNO Founding AGA Meeting in Toronto.


George was always about community and his heart was with the Métis Veterans.


We will surely miss you George…mon vieu Viau!


Lest We Forget

                         MNOVC Veterans' Book Project

Attention All Métis Citizens


The Métis Nation of Ontario Veterans Council (MNOVC) is very pleased to announce a very exciting project involving many of our MNO citizens from across Ontario.

We are looking at putting together a commemorative Métis Nation of Ontario Veterans’ book, commemorating Veterans, past and present. Past veterans must be genealogically connected to your Métis heritage as per the Métis Nation of Ontario registry process. Present day veterans must be a MNO registered citizen.

The potential release is aimed for the beginning of 2014. This is a very important year which includes the end of commemoration of the 1812 era, Juno Beach and World War l. No better time to showcase our MNO veterans across our homeland. This would include WW 1, WW 2, Hong Kong, Korea, UN Peacekeepers, all the way to present day Afghanistan.

We are looking forward to your participation and submissions.

Past veterans:

  • Individual veteran photos
  • Their biographies of where they served, when they served and the unit with which they served
  • Photos of medals, dog tags, cap badges, shoulder flashes
  • Also, clearly stating your Métis connection to the veteran ancestor

Present day veterans:

We are also looking at including as many of our Métis Youths as part of the interviewing process which will document the veteran’s stories and photos.

With each veteran photos and stories, the name and photo of the involved youth will be included in the book.

This is your opportunity to include your Métis military family name and photos and have it published for Métis prosperity. Published copies will be sent to and registered with Archives Canada.

The MNOVC recognizes that a great deal of help will be needed from our Métis family and communities to help compile, co-ordinate interviews and possibly aid in fund raising to see this great project reach its full potential. If you are interested in volunteering and lending a hand, please contact Greg Garratt (see email below) or any member of the Council. All volunteers and contributors will be acknowledged in the final printing.

We understand that not all veterans have electronic mail and strongly encourage Council Presidents and Senators to pass on this information to all veterans and their families so they may be included.

All submission materials should be sent to Mr. Greg Garratt, Sgt-at-Arms, MNOVC

                                                        [email protected]


For any additional information, feel free to contact any of the members of the Metis Nation of Ontario Veterans Council at [email protected]


                  For our Veterans, our Families, our Communities and our Métis Nation

           Métis Veteran Awarded Queen's Jubilee Medal


(Left to right) Senator Robert W. “Bob” Runciman; Métis Veteran
Donn Fowler; Gord Brown, MP, Leeds-Grenville; and
Steve Clark, MPP, Leeds-Grenville.


Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) veteran, Donn Fowler, recently received the Queen Elizabeth II, Diamond Jubilee Medal during a ceremony held in Brockville, Ontario.  The Honourable Senator, Robert W. Runciman, on behalf of His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, made the presentation.

see MNO website for photo and article



        Local Métis Veteran receives Louis Riel medal and certificate.



Windsor/Essex-Kent Métis Council




From left to right:  PCMNO Region 9 Councilor Peter Rivers, Essex Kent Métis Vice President Jonathan Rochon, Essex Kent Métis Councilor Wilfred Rochon, Essex Kent Métis Senator Bob Leboeuf,  Essex Kent Métis President Andrew Good, Essex Kent Councilor Sue Morencey and Essex Kent Métis Women's Rep Donna Grayer



On January 9th, 2013, the Windsor-Essex-Kent Métis Council held ceremonies at their local Métis office. The presentation of the Louis Riel medal and Certificate was awarded to Veteran/Councilor Wilfred Rochon who served during WWII. Mr. Eddie Francis, Mayor of Windsor, issued a beautiful letter to the recipient of the Louis Riel medal and was read by City Councilor Ron Jones.

 From left to right:Vice President of the Windsor-Essex-Kent Metis Council, City Councilor Ron Jones and Veteran/Councilor Wilfred Rochon.

On behalf of the MNOVC, we thank the Mayor of Windsor, the City Councilor, the Windsor-Essex-Kent Métis Council and their community for supporting our Veterans.


Lest We Forget


Local Métis Veterans receive Louis Riel medal and certificate.


Peterborough Wapiti Métis Council



From left to right: President Andy Dufrane, Veteran Joseph Gagnon WWII, Veteran David Gagnon and Senator Terry Bloom.


The Peterborough Wapiti Métis Council recently held an award ceremony on December 18, 2012, at the local Royal Canadian Legion Branch for MNO Veterans Joseph Gagnon, WWII and his son, Veteran David Gagnon.

Veteran David Gagnon received the Louis Riel medal and certificate and his father, Joseph Gagnon, a WWII Veteran received the Louis Riel certificate.

Council President, Andy Dufrane and Senator Terry Bloom conducted the ceremonies.

The MNOVC congratulates both Veteran Joseph Gagnon WWII and Veteran David Gagnon for their military service to this great country, Canada. We thank the Peterborough Wapiti Métis Council and Community for supporting our Veterans.

Also visit the Photos tab on the left.

                  Louis Riel Day Message Nov. 16 2012

    Remembrance Day Message from President Lipinski

November 11 2012 Sudbury


MNO Veteran and Citizens Participate in Sudbury Remembrance Day

MNO Citizens at the Sudbury Remembrance Day Ceremony. (Left
to right) Steve Callaghan, Gail Charbonneau and Senator Kempton
Gravelle. Every year on November 11, Métis from across the homeland participate in Remembrance Day Ceremonies. Being part of these ceremonies is very important to Métis because we have contributed to the defense of Canada as far back as the War of 1812 as well as both World Wars, the Korean Conflict, peacekeeping missions and most recently, Afghanistan. Over the years, many Métis have served and many have made the ultimate sacrifice. By making the Métis presence felt at Remembrance Day services, we show our respect for all Veterans and we remind all Canadians of Métis service and sacrifices.

One such service took place at the Sudbury Arena this November 11 with several Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) citizens actively participating. The Rev. Steve Callaghan, Métis Veteran and Councilor on the MNO Sudbury Métis Council provided the prayer during the ceremony and a wreath was laid on the Cenotaph on behalf of the MNO by Senator Kempton Gravelle and Gail Charbonneau, Métis Facilitator at Cambrian College in Sudbury.

November 11 2012 Toronto Queen's Park


MNO Veterans Participate in Remembrance Day at Queen’s Park

By Senator Alis Kennedy, CD, OMC

Premier Dalton McGuinty (centre) with MNO Veterans Harvey
Horlock and Senator Alis Kennedy following Remembrance Day
Ceremonies at Queen’s Park on November 11.This year Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Veterans Harvey Horlock and Senator Alis Kennedy were invited by the Office of the Premier to attend provincial Remembrance Day Ceremonies at Queen’s Park in Toronto.

This was Premier McGuinty’s last Remembrance Day as Premier. It was under his leadership that the Veterans’ Memorial Mural was created.

Brigadier-General Omer Lavoie, who served in Afghanistan, spoke of how difficult it was to send soldiers to their death and to have to tell their parents and loved ones of their passing. Major-General Richard Rohmer, Canada’s most highly decorated soldier also addressed those in attendance.

The participation of MNO veterans like Mr. Horlock and Senator Kennedy in Remembrance Day ceremonies like the one in Toronto is very important to the whole Métis Nation because it reminds all Canadians of the sacrifices the Métis have made and of our long tradition of military service.

See ALL news articles 


November 11 2012 Ottawa


MNO Senator and Veteran Continue a Vital Tradition

Senator Reta Gordon (left) and Métis Veteran Shaun Redmond (right)
at the National  Aboriginal Veterans Monument in Ottawa prior to the
National Remembrance Day Ceremony. Every year on November 11, Métis from across the homeland participate in Remembrance Day Ceremonies. Being part of these ceremonies is very important to Métis because we have contributed to the defense of Canada as far back as the War of 1812 as well as both World Wars, the Korean Conflict, peacekeeping missions and most recently, Afghanistan. Over the years, many Métis have served and many have made the ultimate sacrifice. By making the Métis presence felt at Remembrance Day services, we show our respect for all Veterans and we remind all Canadians of Métis service and sacrifices.

Since 2004, the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) has laid a wreath at the National Cenotaph in Ottawa during National Remembrance Day ceremonies. The wreath is laid each year by MNO Executive Senator Reta Gordon and Métis Veteran Shaun Redmond. Senator Reta and Shaun have performed this important gesture on behalf of the MNO in good weather and bad because it is very meaningful on a personal level for both of them, and because it is important to recognize our many Métis Veterans who gave and continue to give so much in securing and sustaining the rights and freedoms that we all enjoy.

Shaun enlisted in the Canadian Army in 1971 and rose to the rank of Lieutenant prior to joining the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 1980. Although retired, he still serves as a Captain in the Reserves and trains cadets. “My father’s brother was killed action in Italy during World War II,” explained Shaun, “and it [laying the wreath] is a way to remember him.”

Each year following protocol, Shaun, as a veteran, presents the MNO wreath to Senator Reta who then lays the wreath on the cenotaph. Senator Reta’s father and her nine uncles all participated in World War II. Then later in the 1950s, her four brothers also served in the military and one of her brothers, Senator George Kelly, even participated in the national Remembrance Day ceremonies this year. “It is good to let everyone know the Métis are here and that we support Remembrance Day,” explained Senator Reta.

This year Senator Reta and Shaun also participated in a ceremony at the National Aboriginal Veterans Monument prior to the National Remembrance Day Ceremony. The National Aboriginal Veterans Monument is located a short distance away from the National Cenotaph and is an important symbol of the contributions of Métis and other Aboriginal veterans to Canada.  MNO citizens, like Senator Reta and Shaun, who participate in Remembrance Day events are continuing to keep an important tradition vital and alive.

Senator Earl Scofield Passes


Senator Earl Scofield shortly after being awarded Queen's Jubilee
Medal at the MNO AGA in August 2012

It is with great sadness that I learned today that one of our beloved Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) veterans, Senator Earl Scofield, passed away last night in Windsor.

I have had the privilege of knowing Senator Scofield for many years. He was an incredible person and a dedicated Métis citizen who had served the MNO in many capacities. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Gary Lipinski,
Métis Nation of Ontario

Click here to read:  Remembering a Much Beloved Métis Veteran, the life story of Senator Earl Scofield

Métis Contributions during War of 1812 Recognized


MNO President Lipinski and MNOVC President Paquette accept War of 1812
banner and medal from Prime Minister Harper and Governor-General Johnston
On October 25, Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) President Gary Lipinski and MNO Veterans’ Council (MNOVC) President Joseph Paquette participated in a ceremony at Rideau Hall in Ottawa that recognized the contributions of Aboriginal peoples to the effort to defend Canada during the War of 1812.

During the ceremony, His Excellency, Governor-General David Johnston and Prime Minister Stephen Harper presented Presidents Lipinski and Paquette with a War of 1812 commemorative banner and commemorative medal to acknowledge Métis contributions during the War. These banners and medals were also presented to First Nations groups at the ceremony and in other ceremonies to Canadian military units that participated in the War.

President Lipinski spoke at the ceremony and described the many contributions of our Métis ancestors during the War. “It is significant,” explained President Lipinski, “that Métis contributions during the War of 1812 are being recognized along with those of First Nations and other Canadians. Unfortunately, in the past, this has not always been the case. I am proud to be here today to represent my Métis ancestors who fought for Canada before there was a Canada.”

“The Métis have a strong tradition of military service,” pointed out MNOVC President Paquette, “our involvement in the defense of Canada started in the War of 1812, and Métis have served in both World Wars, the Korean Conflict, in Peacekeeping missions and most recently in Afghanistan.”

Click here to view a video of the entire ceremony. (please note the ceremony is 75 minutes long. If you only wish to view the address by President Lipinski you can place your curser on the video and a progress bar will appear which will indicate how many minutes the video has progressed. By clicking on the bar you can go back and forth in the video. President Lipinski's speech starts at 39:00 and the presentation to the MNO starts at 69:28).

Click here for more information on Métis contributions during the War of 1812.

MNO Veterans receive the QDJM at 2012 AGA


On August 27, in a ceremony held at the Annual General Assembly (AGA) of the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO), 18 MNO citizens received Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medals. The awards were presented by MNO President Gary Lipinski during a special ceremony held at the Roberta Bondar Pavilion in Sault Ste. Marie.

Ten of the medals were presented to MNO veterans, recognizing the long tradition of Métis service in defense of Canada that goes back as far as the War of 1812, as well as the dedication and sacrifice of each veteran. The veterans honoured included MNO citizens who had served in World War II, the Korean Conflict and numerous Canadian peacekeeping missions. The Veterans who received medals were:

Chris Plummer (Courtice), Senator Rene Gravelle (Val Caron), Guy Mandeville (Trenton), Senator George Kelly (Ottawa), Senator Earl Scofield (Lasalle), Senator Elmer Ross (Bobcaygeon), Greg Garrett (Penetanguishene), Kerry McLaughlin (Thunder Bay), Gerry Bedford (Orangeville), Senator Ray Bergie (Brampton), Jean Camirand (Thunder Bay) and Maurice Sarrazin (Val Caron).


MNO Veterans Receive Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medals


 2012 marks the last Black Bear Aboriginal Culture Camp at Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Borden. The program is moving to Gagetown, New Brunswick next year. The Black Bear Program was developed to help prepare Aboriginal young people for the Canadian Armed Forces and was instituted four years ago at CFB Borden, Ontario. It was meant to be an extension of the Raven Program in BC and the Bold Eagle Program in Alberta, and for the past several years it has exceeded expectations.

A total of 64 participants registered for the most recent Black Bear Program held from July 10 to July 14, 2012 at CFB Borden. This camp was special, because it will be the last one in Ontario and because two Métis veterans received Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medals at the camp. Dr. Alis Kennedy CD, a veteran with the Métis Nation of Ontario Veterans' Council (MNOVC), the National Aboriginal Veterans Association (NAVA) and Senator for the MNO Toronto and York Region Métis Council, and Joseph Paquette, President of the MNOVC, a citizen of the MNO Credit River Métis Council and member of the National Aboriginal Veterans Association, both received the Medal from NAVA Vice-president, Robert Thibeau CD, in recognition for their contributions to the Black Bear Program and the Aboriginal communities.

"It sure has been exciting working with the Aboriginal Youth from across Canada for the past three years," said Joe Paquette. "Good luck to all of you. I will sure miss them all."

MNO Veterans’ Council President Participates in Change of Command Ceremony at CFB Borden



On July 6, 2012, MNO Veterans’ Council President, Joseph Paquette, attended the ceremony marking the change of command at CFB Borden from Brigadier General J.P.L. Meloche, OMM, CD, to Colonel T.L. Harris, CD. Best wishes were conveyed to outgoing Brigadier General Meloche and a Métis sash was presented to incoming Colonel Harris.

Under the command of Brigadier General Meloche, CFB Borden hosted the very successful "Aboriginal Youth Black Bear Program" for the past two years. During this time Mr. Paquette participated in the Black Bear Program as the "Métis Elder". This is the last year for the Black Bear Program at CFB Borden, but the program will continue to offer the same opportunities to First Nations, Métis and Inuit youth from across Canada at its new location in Gagetown, New Brunswick.


Métis Veterans Participate in National War of 1812 Ceremony



Proud MNO veterans with the War of 1812 commemorative banner and medal during
ceremonies at Fort York Armouries in Toronto (left to right): Joseph Paquette,
President of the Métis Nation of Ontario Veterans Council (MNOVC), Senator Alis Kennedy
(holding War of 1812 medal) and Greg Garratt, Sergeant-at-arms of the MNOVC.

Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) veterans represented the MNO and the Métis National Council (MNC) in a ceremony at the Fort York Armouries in Toronto on May 22 commemorating combatants who fought on the Canadian side during the War of 1812.  Those recognized included Métis and First Nations as well as 31 current regiments of the Canadian Armed Forces that trace their origins to the War of 1812.

His Royal Highness Prince Charles, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Defense Minister Peter McKay, Aboriginal and Northern Development Minister John Duncan and Chief of Defense Staff General Walter Natynczyk were among the dignitaries participating in the ceremonies.

During the ceremony, the commemorative banner and medal that will be presented to Canadian Forces units and Métis and First Nations communities involved in the War of 1812 was unveiled. This follows the tradition established after the War of 1812, when banners and medals were presented to Aboriginal communities following the end of the War. An 1812 Commemorative Banner and Medal Ceremony for Métis and First Nations communities will take place later in 2012 in Ottawa.

MNO veterans in attendance included Métis Nation of Ontario Veterans Council (MNOVC) President, Joseph Paquette, MNOVC Sergeant-at-arms Greg Garratt and Senator Alis Kennedy. Métis National Council (MNC) Vice-President David Chartrand also attended


Information from Aboriginal Affairs

 Great information on Aboriginal Veterans

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