Fighting for Canada
Before There was a Canada

  Fighting for Canada Before  There was a Canada


          Honouring Our MNO Métis Veterans


MNOVC Welcomes the following verified Veterans of the  Métis Nation of Ontario


Veteran Ted Dorion C.D.

Veteran Derek Anderson C.D.

Veteran Greg Garratt

Veteran Chris Plummer C.D.

Veteran Guy Mandeville C.D.

Veteran Joseph R. Paquette

Veteran Romeo Sarrazin

Veteran George Kelly

Veteran Murray Berger

Veteran Jack Cadeau C.D.

Veteran Steve Callaghan

Veteran Jean Camirand C.D.

Veteran Randy Chartrand

Veteran Ernie Coates C.D.

Veteran Earl Scofield

Veteran Richard Bartlette

Veteran Norris Desjardins

Veteran Jason DiPasquale C.D.

Veteran Dean Dupre

Veteran William Ellis

Veteran Peter Grisdale

Veteran Joseph Gagnon

Veteran David Gagnon

Veteran Peter Gendron

Veteran Harvey Horlock C.D.

Veteran Norm Horlock

Veteran Richard Lefebvre C.D.

Veteran Wilfred Rochon

Veteran Thomas Thompson

Veteran Brenda Michaud

Veteran Jack Bouchard

Veteran Lorna Burke

Veteran William (Bill) Fraser C.D.

Veteran Shelly Claus

Veteran Rene Leonard C.D.

Veteran Alexander Boucher

Veteran W. John Wylie C.D.

Veteran Lisa Tessier C.D.

Veteran Daniel Moreau 

Veteran Dave Lalonde

Veteran Robert Barrette

Veteran Michael Hurteau 

Veteran Roger Ladouceur C.D.

Veteran Steven O. Cadotte C.D.

Veteran William Majovsky

Veteran Rejean Michel C.D.

Veteran Kerry McLaughlin

Veteran Michael Tim Majovsky C.D.

Veteran Robert M. Baskey

Veteran Dave C. McFarling C.D.

Veteran Bernie LePage

Veteran Donald Gebhardt C.D.

Veteran David Deschambault 

Veteran Ron Gignac C.D.

Veteran Wayne Smith M.B.

Veteran Gerard Legault

Veteran Paul E. Pirie CStS., BA., BEd., OCT.

Veteran Jaime Lefebvre C.D.

Veteran June Smart C.D.

Veteran Clark J. Beamish C.D.

Veteran Norris Pyette

Veteran Douglas Woods

Veteran Sharlene Lance

Veteran Yvonne Gebhardt

Veteran Todd Ross

Veteran Donald W. Kennedy C.D.

Veteran Clifford Therrien

Veteran Terry Desjardins

Veteran Willard Folz

Veteran Christopher Laurin

Veteran Lee Rivet C.D.

Veteran Darrell Menard OMM., C.D., MD

Veteran Cynthia Forrest C.D.

Veteran Dorothy Eastman

Veteran Brian Black

Veteran Jamie Tremblay C.D.

Veteran Mark T. McIntosh C.D.

Veteran Frederick Crawford

Veteran Robert Desjardins

Veteran Bernard Pepin C.D.

Veteran Earl J. Cousineau

Veteran Brian Neville

Veteran Brian E. Prairie C.D.

Veteran Christine VanZandburger C.D.

Veteran William E. Trudeau


Note: If your name does not appear in the above list, please contact [email protected].

Note: In submitting this email, you agree to have your name published by the MNOVC with regards to articles, photos and the general promotion of the Métis Nation of Ontario Veterans.

 Veterans must meet the requirements described in the Métis Nation of Ontario Veteran's Charter.


Respecting our Veterans and their rights

And the freedoms we enjoy from the service they gave!



         Ontario Honours and Awards

                           Ontario Honours and Awards

OHAS banner

The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) is known for its outstanding volunteers and its incredible achievements through its many community councils. The Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade offers several medals and recognition programs to celebrate the people who make our province a better place to live.

The programs acknowledge outstanding achievement in education, health care, business, science and medicine, community service, the arts, and many other fields.

If you would like to nominate an MNO citizen for their achievements, visit the Ontario Honours and Awards website for more information.

Published on: March 3, 2016

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