Fighting for Canada
Before There was a Canada

  Fighting for Canada Before  There was a Canada

                          Remembering Our Veterans


In Memory of

Métis Veterans and Comrades

We Shall Remember Them


Lest We Forget

Métis Nation of Ontario Veterans Council
Remembering our Métis Veterans
We Shall Remember Them


   Veteran Peter Grisdale, WWII

Veteran George Kelly, Korea

              Veteran Earl "Boots" Scofield, WWII

      Veteran Marion Larkman, WWII

    Veteran Laurence Klyne, WWII

   Veteran Richard J. Bartlette      

      Veteran Thomas Thompson WWII

Veteran Norman Floyd Morley Horlock




                                     Lest We Forget


Use of the Poppy Symbol, a registered trademark of the Dominion Command of The Royal Canadian Legion, is given to the Métis Nation Of Ontario Veterans Council (MNOVC)  with permission.


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