Fighting for Canada
Before There was a Canada

  Fighting for Canada Before  There was a Canada

                                Attention Metis Veterans

  If you are a MNO Citizen and wish to register as a Metis Veteran, Fill in the form below and send to    [email protected]  

 Please read the Registration SOP's below.



 Procedure for Applying for MNO Veteran Membership


  1. Incumbent must be a citizen of the Métis Nation of Ontario. This is substantiated by being in possession of a Métis Nation of Ontario citizenship card with a valid MNO registration number. This number is required to be inserted on the MNOVC Application form. Please provide copy of your card.
  2. For application for MNO Citizenship, refer to MNO Registration procedure available at: or contact the Métis Nation of Ontario Registrar Toll Free: 1-855-798-1006.


Veteran Membership:

  1. Once the incumbent has received their MNO citizenship card, the MNOVC application form is to be filled out, signed and forwarded along with substantiating documents verifying military service. Examples of these documents: Military Release Certificate, or NDI75 card (both sides), or CF 75, or CF 54, or any other documents that indicate honourable release from the Canadian Armed Forces or currently serving status. Please include a copy of your citizenship card. Please note that these documents MUST accompany the MNOVC application form at the time of submittal.
  2. All military documentation received will be reviewed by the Veterans’ Council.
  3. Upon completion of document review, the MNOVC shall advise the incumbent as to the status of their application.
  4. Applications which are received by the MNOVC which are not properly filled in and missing required documentation will NOT be processed. To minimize delays of your application, ensure that the application form is completed and that all pertinent documentation is attached.
  5. Once approved, the incumbent’s documentation will be forwarded to the MNO registrar for inclusion into their personnel file.
  6. Registration form and associated document can be sent to [email protected]



c/o 608 Abana Road

Mississauga, ON   L5A 1H4


MNOVC SOP 01092016                                                                         Rev: 2




The Métis Nation of Ontario



NOTE: Applicant must be a certified citizen of MNO before applying.


Date of Application:_________________      *MNO Registration No.________________



Date of Birth:




Postal code:

Telephone number:


Email address:




Next of Kin:

Telephone number:


Veteran: Military Service

Enlistment date:


Released/Discharged Date



Service number


Type of Release



Medals and Awards















Units Served

(Regiment, Corps etc)










Note: In signing this form, you agree to have your name published by the MNOVC with regards to articles, photos and the general promotion of the Métis Nation of Ontario Veterans.


*If applying for ordinary membership please attach a copy of your MNO Citizenship card and release/discharge certificate, NDI75 (both sides) or other documentation as proof of honourable release from the Canadian Armed Forces. If applying for associate membership, provide proof of current service.

The acceptance of the received documentation is at the discretion of the MNO Veterans’ Council.


Use the back of this sheet for additional information. Send this form and docs to: [email protected]

List other MNO citizens or family that served in the Canadian Armed forces.


Signature:_______________________________ Name (print):_____________________


Doc No: MNOVC003   Rev 4                                                      Updated: March 11, 2016.



Metis Nation of Ontario

MNOVC Charter Agreement

Metis National Council

Book on Aboriginal People in the Military

This is a very interesting book indeed. The following website link will take you to the Goverment site for this free publication.

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