Fighting for Canada
Before There was a Canada

  Fighting for Canada Before  There was a Canada

                                             New Shoulder Patches


New shoulder patches will be available at the 2016 AGA in North Bay



 The above shoulder patches will be available at the 2016 AGA in North Bay at the Veteran's Booth.

Limited quantity......$6.00 each

Support your MNO Veteran Initiatives!


                                          *******   New To The Kit Shop  *******

 MNO Veterans' Council Metis Veterans Book, 2nd edition

Just Released 2015

The First in Ontario

 Get your copy today

$20.00 plus shipping.

 Honour a Veteran by gifting a copy for Remembrance Day

 Support Our Metis Veterans

Please contact us at [email protected] for payment and shipping instructions.


Don't forget Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries

What a great gift idea and family keepsake

                                                    MNOVC Has New Flyer

         Welcome to the MNOVC Kit Shop

Help support our Veterans 


The following items are now available from the MNOVC Kit Shop

Hat:  Colour: Maroon

           Front and back embroided as shown below.

$20.00 each plus postage.

Contact us at [email protected]






Patch: Colour: Blue and white

Embroided as shown below

approx 2"x4"

$5.00 each plus postage

Veteran Patch


Veteran Supporter Patch

 Contact us at [email protected]






Louis Riel Commemorative medal

 Additional ribbon for court mounting the Louis Riel medal can be purchased from the Kit Shop





Blue/White Ribbon for Louis Riel Medal

QTY: 1  Description: Blue/White grosgrain ribbon, 12 inches long for court mounting and there is enough to also make one undress ribbon.

PRICE: $5.00 each plus postage


NEW       Veteran Supporter Mugs


$10.00 each plus shipping.

Take advantage of our annual sale on Mugs........reduced to $6.00 ea plus shipping



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