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Important Information from Veterans Affairs

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to...

1.        Contact Veterans Affairs for more information on services and benefits

2.        Change Your Address with Veterans Affairs

3.        Request Direct Deposit or Change Your Direct Deposit

4.        Missing a Medal or Two?

5.        Obtain military service records

6.        Find the whereabouts of a veteran

7.        Know where a veteran is buried

8.        Obtain information from the Books of Remembrance

9.        Find information on Merchant Navy - Service and Benefit

How do I Contact Veterans Affairs?

In recognition of the sacrifices made by Canadians in this nation's war and peacekeeping efforts, Canada offers a wide range of services and benefits to qualified veterans and certain civilians, as well as to their dependants or survivors. Veterans Affairs Canada provides disability pensions, economic support allowances, and additional benefits in the areas of health care, funeral and burial assistance and commemoration, among others, designed to meet the changing needs of veterans.

Inquiries about Veterans Affairs services and benefits should be directed to Veterans Affairs Canada's toll-free number.

General inquiries to Veterans Affairs may be directed through the Veterans Affairs web site to [email protected]. (Important Note: For security reasons, please do not send personal or confidential information, via e-mail. E-mails are not secure and can be observed by a third party while in transit.)

Change Your Address With Veterans Affairs

If you are moving to a new place of residence, it is important that you notify Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) of the change of your residential and/or mailing address to ensure that your benefit payments and other correspondence continues to arrive on time. Change of Address - Information and Form

Request Direct Deposit or Change Your Direct Deposit

Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) offers the convenience of direct deposit to clients who wish to have payments issued by VAC deposited at a financial institution. Request Direct Deposit or Change Your Direct Deposit - Information and Form


Missing a Medal or Two?

In 1949, the Government of Canada awarded campaign stars and medals to service men and women who earned them. The medals were sent to the last known address on the individual's service records at the time. Many medals were returned undelivered. To try to reach as many Veterans as possible, application cards were given out at post offices across the country and Veterans had to apply for their medals. Many years later, it appears not all of you who were eligible received those forms. The Year of the Veteran has led to a sharp increase in requests to our Honours and Awards Section here at VAC.

Requests for medals have come in from Veterans, families of deceased Veterans, as well as requests for general information, verification for additional awards, and much more. When we get a request, we must in turn request the service documents from Library & Archives Canada. The records are reviewed to find out which medals the Veteran is entitled to and then the medals are mailed out.

To find our more or if you think your may be eligible for medals write to us at :
Veterans Affairs Canada
Honours & Awards Section
66 Slater Street,
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0P4

Helpful Tips When Applying for Medals:

1.        If you are a Veteran looking for your own medals call 1 877 995-5003 instead of writing for a form. Your information will be taken over the phone.

2.        When a Veteran is deceased, relatives must ask for an application form for the medals of a deceased Veteran.

3.        VAC is responsible for first issue or replacement medals for those who served in the Second World War, Merchant Navy and the Korean War only.

4.        If you served after the Korea War, and you must call National Defence at: 1 877 741-8332 for medals such as: Canadian Forces Decorations, United Nations Medal for Emergency Force, Egypt, Peace Keeping Medal, or the Special Service Medal, etc.

5.        If you are looking for copies of service records or any information about the service of an individual, call Library & Archives Canada at 1 866 578-7777.

Where can I apply for the new Peacekeeping Medal?

The Peacekeeping Medal is issued by National Defence and applications may be submitted by calling this toll free number: 1-877-741-8332.

I served as a Radar Mechanic during the Second World War and was told that a Certificate was available. Where can I apply? If you served in the RCAF and were a Radar Mechanic attached to the RAF during the Second World War, a certificate of appreciation from the British Air Ministry of Defence is available. If you have not received your certificate please write to Veterans Affairs Canada, Honours & Awards, in order to have your entitlement verified and the certificate issued. Family members of a deceased veteran can also apply. Please not that only one certificate per Radar Mechanic will be issued.

Can I wear my father's (brother's, relatives') medals?

Medals may only be worn by the veteran. It is a criminal offense to wear military medals that someone else has earned.

Can I purchase another set of medals for my children/grandchildren even if a set is already in existence?

If additional sets are required you may wish to contact a military outfitter and purchase miniature commemorative medals.

Where can I purchase miniature medals?

Miniature medals are not issued by Veterans Affairs Canada. Please contact a military outfitter in your area.

I need to get my medals mounted and cleaned. Is there such a service available?

Medals issued by Veterans Affairs Canada do not come mounted. Please contact a military outfitter in your area.

I need new ribbons. Where can I obtain new ones?

Veterans Affairs Canada provides veterans and their families with new ribbons at no cost. We will require the name of each medal in order to identify which ribbons are needed. For ribbons of medals not handled by Veterans Affairs Canada, please contact a military outfitter in your area.

I need a new mounting bar. Where can I obtain one?

Veterans Affairs Canada does provide new mounting bars at no cost. We have one to five medal bars available.

Is there a charge involved in replacing medals?

There is no charge for replacement medals for the Veteran or widow/widower. However, for eligible next of kin, if the medals have never been issued, the first set is free. If they have already been issued, there will be a charge. The price for each medal varies.

I served in the Second World War and I lost my discharge button. Can I get another one?

Yes. Please write or contact Veterans Affairs Canada at 1-877-995-5003 and a replacement discharge button and certificate will be sent after a review of your service documents.

Where can I purchase a replacement cap, hat or air gunner badges, etc.?

Badges and insignias are available from a military outfitter.

Where can I get a replacement of my Operational Wings?

Operational Wings are available from National Defence.

I am a Merchant Seaman and my Discharge Certificate (Book) has been lost or stolen. Is it possible to obtain a copy?

The Merchant Navy Registry does not have copies of these certificates but can provide you with a Statement of Sea Service which shows your service on Canadian registered ships.

I would like to obtain a copy of my discharge certificate.

Library and Archives Canada (Opens a New Window) has military records and a request can be sent to them in order to receive a copy of your discharge certificate. A statement of service is also available. Statement of Services are no longer available for individuals who served in the First World War.

I served in the Second World War and was part of the Battle of Normandy. I heard a new medal was available. Where can I obtain one?

The French Government did issue a commemorative medal in 1994 to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Normandy. Unfortunately, the medal was only available in a limited issue and we have been informed that it is no longer available.

What order should medals be mounted?

Information can be found in the section on mounting and wearing of campaign stars and medals

Where would I obtain military service records?

Library and Archives Canada (Opens a New Window) holds the personnel files of over 5,500,000 former military and civilian employees of the Canadian Armed Forces and the Federal Public Service. Documents in these records contain information about the individual's employment history with Federal Departments, the military units with which he or she served, as well as personal information. Post First World War military records also include medical history on enlistment and discharge, medals awarded, personal evaluation reports and dental charts.

Visit Library and Archives Canada's web site for information about their records and how to access them, including:
First World War (Opens a New Window)
Canadian Forces after 1918 (including Second World War) (Opens a New Window)

How do I seek out information about a veteran?

If you're looking for a lost comrade, try writing to Legion Magazine which has a column entitled Lost Trails. Lost Trails helps to locate veterans, military personnel, RCMP and their families. It is essential to have enough service and personal information to clearly identify the individual or individuals sought.. Entries are published on a space-available basis. Items must be received by mail or fax. To ensure accuracy, you should type the information or at least print it clearly. Mail items directly to: Legion Magazine, 407-359 Kent Street, Ottawa, Ontario K2P 0R6, or faxed to (613) 233-7159. Visit the Royal Canadian Legion (Opens a New Window) homepage.

As well, visit our Links page to find various Veterans' Organizations and groups that have Websites.

I would like to know where a veteran is buried?

Over 110,000 Canadians and Newfoundlanders made the ultimate sacrifice in World Wars One and Two. Thanks to the generosity of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, you can now search the Canadian and Newfoundland database to find the final resting places or memorials in which these brave souls are honoured.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission marks and maintains the graves of the members of the forces of the Commonwealth who died in the two world wars, to build and maintain memorials to the to the dead whose graves are unknown, and to keep records and registers. Visit the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (Opens a New Window) Website for more information or email the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, Canadian Agency, 66 Slater Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0P4.

How do I get more information on the Books of Remembrance?

The Books of Remembrance on the Veterans Affairs site contains a Frequently Asked Questions document which has more information on the Books.

Copies of particular pages may be obtaining by contacting [email protected].

Find information on Merchant Navy - Service and Benefits

Canada's merchant navy was vital to the Allied cause during the Second World War. Its ships transported desperately needed equipment, fuel, goods and personnel to Europe and around the world. Merchant Navy - Services and Benefits


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