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                          The Veterans Book Project

Attention All MNO Métis Citizens


The Métis Nation of Ontario Veterans Council (MNOVC) is very pleased to announce a very exciting project involving many of our MNO citizens from across Ontario.

We are looking at putting together a commemorative Métis Nation of Ontario Veterans’ book, commemorating Veterans, past and present. Past veterans must be genealogically connected to your Métis heritage.  Present day veterans must be an MNO registered citizen.

The potential release is aimed for the beginning of 2014. This is a very important year which includes the end of commemoration of the 1812 era, Juno Beach and World War l. No better time to showcase our MNO veterans across our homeland. This would include WW 1, WW 2, Hong Kong, Korea, UN Peacekeepers, all the way to present day Afghanistan.

We are looking forward to your participation and submissions.

Past veterans:

  • Individual veteran photos
  • Their biographies of where they served, when they served and the unit with which they served
  • Photos of medals, dog tags, cap badges, shoulder flashes
  • Also, clearly stating your Métis connection to the veteran ancestor

Present day veterans:

We are also looking at including as many of our Métis Youths as part of the interviewing process which will document the veteran’s stories and photos.

With each veteran photos and stories, the name and photo of the involved youth will be included in the book.

This is your opportunity to include your Métis military family name and photos and have it published for Métis prosperity. Published copies will be sent to and registered with Archives Canada.

The MNOVC recognizes that a great deal of help will be needed from our Métis family and communities to help compile, co-ordinate interviews and possibly aid in fund raising to see this great project reach its full potential. If you are interested in volunteering and lending a hand, please contact Greg Garratt (see email below) or any member of the Council. All volunteers and contributors will be acknowledged in the final printing.

We understand that not all veterans have electronic mail and strongly encourage Council Presidents and Senators to pass on this information to all veterans and their families so they may be included.

All submission materials should be sent to Mr. Greg Garratt, Sgt-at-Arms, MNOVC

                                                        [email protected]


For any additional information, feel free to contact any of the members of the Metis Nation of Ontario Veterans Council at [email protected]


For our Veterans, our Families, our Communities and our Métis Nation

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