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  Fighting for Canada Before  There was a Canada

                       Fundraising for Vimy Ridge Commemorations in Ottawa  2017

The MNOVC has had to re-direct plans for the 2107 Vimy ridge pilgrimage.

 The current political circumstance France and Belgium in part have deterred many people from applying for this event, which has prevented the MNOVC from being able to have the minimum required number of attendee’s for the tour guide organizer as stipulated by their contract. Neither can the council undertake the financial payment schedule commitment stipulated in the contract due to insufficient funds being raise for this event to date. 

Therefore, the council is as determined as ever to mark this historic occasion and has decided to re-direct their efforts to have youths and veterans attend a similar remembrance service in Ottawa to mark this important event for the same date.

All donations to date and future fund raising will be to meet this goal. We hope with this new direction more interested parties will come forth and allow for even greater numbers to attend.

This opportunity for the youth to learn what was fought and paid for with their ancestors blood is an extremely important piece of history that must be passed along.

The event in our Nation’s capital could be up to a 4 or 5 day event taking in as much of the history and participating and attending as many of the events that will be occurring at that time.

If you would like to attend and participate in this memorable event, please email [email protected] to get your pre- registration form.

For those that have already registered for Vimy, the council will keep your registration on file and apply it to the Ottawa trip.

 If you would like to volunteer on any of the committee’s of this event please email mailto:[email protected] with your contact information. Name, address, phone and email address.


All gave some, some gave All.
Greg Garratt, MNOVC secretary

Joseph Paquette, MNOVC president


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