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 Aboriginal Veteran Millennium Medal
The Aboriginal Veteran Millennium Medal was created in 2000 to commemorate those Aboriginals who risked their lives and sacrificed so much in the fight for freedom and democracy. This was a joint effort of National Aboriginal Veterans Association (NAVA) and the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs.
The medal is awarded to Aboriginal veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces, the RCMP, the Merchant Navy and those who joined the US Forces either in peacetime or wartime, who served prior to the year 2000 and to Aboriginal members who were serving in the year 2000.
The ribbon is with the four colours: red, blue, green and yellow. Red is for the sun and for the fire, whose energy gives warmth and creates growth. Blue is for the water that quenches the thirst of man and all the creatures of the earth. Green is for the vegetation that gives nourishment to all living creatures. Yellow represents the air, the breath of life that all creatures need for survival.
The medal continues to be made available by NAVA. It may be requested by anyone who meets the eligibility requirements or by an individual who wishes to have the medal presented to an eligible person. The application for a medal must be a credible request.
The initial issue of medals has been awarded and the supplies have been depleted. There is now a small charge associated with the medal to cover costs. It will be the individuals’ responsibility to have the medal mounted as they wish.
Wearing of Aboriginal Veterans Millennium Medal and NAVA Medals
The medals are worn on the right side with the red stripe on the ribbon to the inside. (closest to the heart) The AVMM may be worn by Canadian Forces personnel who have received the award IAW Canadian Forces Dress Regulations, Section 3, paragraph 25.
Presentation of Medals
The medals must be presented in a respectful manner. Some suggested presentation scenarios could include: at a Pow Wow; at a local or national celebration; at a
conference or forum attended by veterans or military members; or at a respectful gathering for the purpose of the presentation of awards. The medals should be presented by a Chief, Elder, Head Veteran, local or national politician, an officer of the Canadian Forces or a person of significance such as a Mayor, Police Chief, l or other respected member of the community.  

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